Wednesday, May 04, 2016


As you probably guessed by looking at the photo, we're heading out again in the RV.  We should be in Spain right now, but with both of us being ill, we had to cancel our Camino. We really prepared to that trip and were extremely disappointed that we had to cancel, but there's always next year. Pneumonia really hit Cathie hard and one month later she still not at 100%.  As for me, not sure what I had, but what ever it was is now behind me. Because I took a month off of any exercise, I'm paying the price now, getting winded easily.  I rode my bike today on my usual 40+ mile ride and it damn near killed me.

Anyway we figured we have sat around long enough and are itching to get on the road. We will head out this next weekend, this time to the north.  First up will be Pismo Beach where we hope to get some long walks in along the shore.  From there we'll continue north till we reach Southern Oregon before turning around and taking to slow way home along Hwy 395.  Along the way we'll visit mountains, more beaches, the redwoods, and a few rivers.  If you want to know exactly where we're going, follow along and we'll let you know when we know.  It is our usual custom to change plans at the drop of a hat, so we will just have to see were this new adventure leads us. 

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Nick Saraceni said...

Get out there and get healthy. Keep doing what your do and stay active.