Sunday, May 22, 2016


So far this trip has been pretty uneventful and I suppose that is a good thing.  We've been spending our time on long scenic walks and a few scenic drives thrown in.  While staying at Bodega Bay we drove down the Point Reyes National Seashore for a hike along the coast.  I had an Aunt who lived in a small town next to the park so we've been there many times before.  


We took a second coastal hike just north of Bodega Bay along the Sonoma Coast State Park.  The park extends for 17 miles from Bodega Head to just north of Jenner, all of it easily accessible from Hwy 1.  A hiking trail follows the coast for much of the way allowing one to control the length of a hike by choosing one or more sections.  The section we chose was along the top of the bluff overlooking the beaches below.  A beautiful hike with superb views.


The next stop on our trip was to be at Jedediah Smith Redwood State/National park.  When checking on-line for a reservation there was only one site left open and it was a handicap site.  In Federal parks if the only site left is a handicap site, you can stay in it even if you aren't handicapped.  So I made the reservation.  Now all the redwood parks in California are joint state and national parks.  When making the reservation I was able to use my National Parks Pass and receive the appropriate discount.  Upon arrival at the park the state park ranger in charge didn't see it that way and refused to allow us to occupy the site.  Needless to say, after driving over 300 miles, I was pissed but opted not to get into a gun battle with the ranger.

This actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  We had planned to go to Brookings, Oregon after the Redwoods so we continued north another 20 miles and managed to snag a primo ocean view campsite at Harris Beach "Oregon" State Park.  Much better than Jedediah Smith as camping in the Redwoods is gloomy because the sun never reaches the ground and I don't like the ranger.  Also this site at Harris Beach has hookups with cable tv and sunshine.  (Except it's raining today.)

We did return to the Redwoods for a nice hike through the tall trees.  We hiked the Boy Scout Trail to check out the Boy Scout Tree, the largest tree at Jedediah Smith Park.  On the hike out, I heard Cathie fall, a sound I have heard before.  When I turned back she was just getting up  and on the tip of her nose was stuck a four leaf clover.  It looked so funny, I just couldn't stop laughing.  Luckily, other than her pride, she wasn't hurt and laughed right along with me.  No photo though.


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