Tuesday, May 22, 2012



If you are a follower of our blog you may recall that back in 2009 we met Hansjorg on a trip to Southern Utah.   He was camping with his son Frank in his motorhome which he had shipped to the States for an extended visit.  Before returning to Germany, he stored his motorhome at our friends Gary and Diane's house for a future trip to the States.  He returned with his girlfriend, Silke, and we all went camping together in Borrego.  Then in 2010 when we went to Germany we spent four days with them at their home in the Black Forest.  Later in 2011, Gary and Diane spent a month with them traveling around Germany and France.

So now they have returned and it is our turn to play host.  When we visited them in Germany, they were the best hosts one could ask for and now we will endeavor to repay them with the kindness they showed to us.

Gary and Diane drove to LAX and met their plane, which by the way was several hours late, then put them up in their home in Escondido.  They have a busy itinerary that goes something like this. 

After 3 days in San Diego, they head to Arizona to see Lake Havasu, Route 66, Jerome, Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and the Grand Canyon.  Next they head north to Monument Valley before arriving in Bluff, Utah.  It is in Bluff where we first met Hansjorg.  It is there where Cathie and I will met up with them again for a tour of Southern Utah.  After a week they return to Gary and Diane's.

And that's not all.  Then it's off to Maui with Gary and Diane where Hansjorg and Silke will get married.  Gary and Diane have arranged for them to stay in their time-share for a week.  After that it's back to Escondido for one night before heading home to Germany.  Whew!!!

Before heading out to the Southwest, we all met at our house for a BBQ, with smoked ribs, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad and peach cobbler.  Not like German fare at all.

The First time we ever saw Hansjorg, he we floating down the San Juan River in Bluff.  It turns out where ever he goes, if there's a place to swim, he will swim.  It doesn't matter what the weather is or whether or not he has a swim suit, or in his case a speedo.  When we went to Borrego, he took a dip in the stream in Palm Canyon.  When Gary and Diane took them to the beach, he was in the water.  When he learned we had a pool, that was all it took.  Stripped off his clothes and took a dip.

We loaned Hansjorg and Silke our 4-runner, gave them all the maps they will need, along with a small ice chest and a supply of the all important toilet paper and sent them off into the frontier.  If they survive their first week in the desert, we'll guide them though Southern Utah for the second week of a brand new adventure.