Friday, March 09, 2018


We went on two camping trips to Borrego in February, one with family and the other with friends.  Not much exciting stuff happened, but I did manage to make this video.  Enjoy!


Sunday, January 28, 2018


Well it's been awhile since you heard anything from Gassaway's Adventures, so with that in mind and that fact that we celebrated our 47th anniversary, we figured what better time for a road trip.  We also wanted to experience some other States where the gas prices were still reasonable, unlike California.  No RV this time, just the car and a couple of suitcases.  The plan was to do a circle in the southwest, Flagstaff, Santa Fe, Monument Valley, Zion and lastly Las Vegas.  An ulterior for me was to get some practice in with the drone and produce a little video of our trip.  Oh, and to celebrate 47 years of martial bliss.

We spent the first night in Flagstaff and after pointing out to the hotel desk at Embassy Suites that I was being charged more than was stated when making the reservation, the manager gave us a very good rate.  It was cold in Flagstaff, with some snow on the ground.  The cold temperatures would remain with us on the entire trip.  Not Winnipeg, Canada cold, but with temperatures as low as 16 degrees, it was cold enough for us.  The next day we headed of to Santa Fe.

After a lunch stop in Albuquerque for really good hamburger, we turned north to Santa Fe arriving at our B&B in mid-afternoon.  Actually north of the city about 15 miles, Rancho Nambe turned out to be a really good choice.  We were greeted by Dick and Sarah who would be our hosts for the next 4 nights.  If you like old, then Rancho Nambe is just the ticket.  This is a hacienda in the true Spanish style.  Built over 250 years ago, the original part of the building is still in use as the kitchen and dinning room.  Over the years the home has been added on to by lengthening it, with each of the room's doors opening to the courtyard.  In the 40's, the then owner was the Chairman of the Republican National Committee and a great room was added to entertain guests.  Besides the B&B, Rancho Nambe is a working horse ranch where Arabians are raised.  Each morning Sarah prepared us a wonderful breakfast which include her home made granola which she graciously gave me the recipe.

Next we were off to Monument Valley for an overnight.  Choices for lodging in Monument Valley are limited with just two selections.  The same goes for eating establishments.  We stayed at Gouldings Lodge where our room had a pretty good view of the valley.  Nice room, not so nice restaurant with  overpriced mediocre food.

We had to keep moving so the next day we headed to Zion.  We stayed at another really nice B&B, Zion Canyon B&B located just outside of the park.  Being the off season, you can drive the length of Zion Canyon, something not allowed in busier times.  Because of Cathie's bum leg, there would be no hiking on this trip, so we were pretty much relegated to the car.  Still a very beautiful place and even more so with snow in the higher elevations.

After 2 nights in Zion, what better place to end our road time, but Vegas.  We had our anniversary dinner at Cathie's favorite restaurant, Hugo's Cellar.  Cathie wasn't feeling too well, so she skipped the main course, but did manage to get down the Banana's Foster at the end of the meal.  All in all a pretty good trip.  I even managed to recoup Cathie's losses, plus some at the the poker table.

Oh, yes, here's the video:

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Well, it's past time to service the windmill.  Since I won't go up there, I've been using the kids to risk their lives to climb to the top, but when it's time for service, they don't come around much.  But not to worry as I found a service in nearby Ramona, who for a price, will do the necessary oil change and greasing of parts.  Enjoy the short video.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More Drone

Ok, this drone thing is getting addicting, so here's the latest.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


If you recall the previous post, we reported that Cathie broke her leg.  It really doesn't matter how it happened, either her dad fell on her or she was sky diving, it did in fact happen.  After 4 weeks in a cast and that much additional time in a leg brace, we were going stir crazy.  Cathie, because she was sitting most of the time and me because I had to wait on her.  All this time she had been complaining to the medical folks that her ankle hurt, but they assured us all was well and any foot and ankle pain was normal.

When they let her bend her knee, still in the brace and putting limited weight on her foot, both her knee and foot swelled up.  Normal they said.  Finally we went to urgent care and it was discovered that she had a blood clot behind the knee.  So I had to give her injections of a blood thinner.  I hate needles, but it was ok since it wasn't me getting poked.  But she was still having pain in her foot, so she finally got someone to x-ray her foot.  Lo and behold she has a broken ankle.  Who would have guessed.

So now she's in a rigid boot for who know how long.  Her leg has healed nicely and she has some mobility with the use of a cane so we figured it was time to get out of town.  Because of her injury, we had to cancel a planned 2 month RV trip and now we had the chance to hook up and go.  Only a week mind you, but it was better than nothing.

With the temperatures at home forecast in the low 100's what better time to head to the Eastern Sierras.  Because Cathie was going to be pretty much confined to the RV, with the exception of drives in the countryside, we opted for the Golden Pine RV Park in June Lake.  Anyway almost all the forest service campgrounds had closed for the season.  So with full hookups, cable TV and Internet, it was just like home, except it wasn't.  Only a couple of other RV's in the park due to the lateness of the season.  We manage to arrange for perfect weather for the entire week, with cold crisp nights and warm days with cloudless skies. 

We managed to get in several drives to places we had never been, which is pretty amazing as we have been in the vicinity many times.  It's is possible that we had been there before but due to our advanced age we may have forgotten previous visits.

We took a drive out to Benton Hot Springs, which is out in the middle of nowhere, but still in California.  There are hot springs there, but it appeared that they were closed for the season with no one around.  On the way there we came across several groups of wild horsed which populate this part of California.

The fall season in the Eastern Sierra can be very beautiful and although most of the color was gone when we were there, but we did manage to find some.

Cathie was not able to do any hiking or much walking for that matter, but both my legs were working so I managed to get in a couple of short hikes.  First I took a short hike up to Parker Lake, where I have been before.  An easy 3 mile hike to a beautiful lake.

My second hike took my up a steep trail to Gem Lake.  At 7 miles and an elevation gain just shy of 2000 feet, I got a pretty good workout.  Before reaching Gem Lake, you past Agnew Lake.  Both lakes are man made with dams constructed in 1916 and 1917 with the water from both eventually ending up in Los Angeles.  Most of  us Californians know that water from the Eastern Sierras flows through a series of streams, river, lakes, canals and aqueducts to supply Los Angeles with it's water.  Many of the locals don't like this, but there's not much they can do about as Los Angeles bought up all the water rights in the early 1900's.  A group did manage to sue the City of Los Angeles, forcing them to gradually return water to Mono Lake.


Looking back at Agnew Lake

This rail system was used to haul material up to the dam sites on both lakes during their construction.  As luck would have it they are no longer in operation, so I had to walk.

Because the train was no longer in operation, I had to take the trail along this cliff.  Not fun, but by looking at the trail and not over the edge, I managed not to wet myself.


We were only able to spend one week in the Sierras, but we relaxed, which was greatly needed.  It was great therapy for both of us, something that was long over due.  But Cathie has physical therapy once a week and she couldn't afford to miss too many sessions, so we were forced to head to the barn.  Of course as it is with Gassaway's Adventures, we will be back. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017


I must apologize to my readers.  The last story was fake news.  Yes, Cathie broke her leg, that part is true, but how she really broke it is a different story.  First I must explain the reason for the first story.  When Cathie broke her leg, she was really embarrassed and she didn't want her fellow sport aficionados to think she was stupid.  So she asked me to make up a story about how her 91 year old father had fallen on her.  It was a believable story, he wasn't a reader of the blog nor does he have a computer, so what would be the harm, right?  I wrote it up and published it thinking he would never know that he got blamed for something he didn't do.  I felt a little guilty and was also concerned about my blog being lumped in with the Washington Post and the New York Times.  But as it turned out he did find out and boy was he was pissed.  He threatened to disinherit me if I didn't publish a retraction.  As an avid reader of Gassaway's Adventures I wanted to express how sorry I am if you were misled or harmed in anyway by the story.  It was not my intent to besmirch Cathie's father, but to protect Cathie from any humiliation.  I now realize that I made a grave error in judgement.  Now it's time to come clean.

Cathie, was skydiving.  Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but she has become quite daring in retirement and felt the need to eliminate things on her bucket list.  I asked her not to do it, but she's very independent and I was talking on deaf ears.  It was the same way when she bought her dune buggy.

Anyway, she's been jumping for sometime now and up until three weeks ago, all was fine.  Now as for me, I won't even go and watch.  Who in their right mind would jump out of a perfectly good airplane?  But she has chosen to do it and who am I to say no.  First she did some tandem jumps but within a short time she was doing free falls on her own. I must say I was somewhat impressed as she is really uncoordinated.  Heck, she can't even use the crutches the doctor gave her for fear of falling and breaking something else.

I tried to get the video, but the skydiving place has copyrighted it so they can use it in training new jumpers.  You could go and see it if you sign up for lessons at Skydive San Diego.  I did manage to get some still photos from some of her fellow jumpers.

Hard to tell, but that's her on the right, 5th one back.  This was called a summer jump in bathing suits.

There she is top center.  This was the jump where she broke her leg.

So you ask, "what actually happened?"  The jump was going fine, perfect weather, no problems with the plane or the exit.  She said she jumped at 12, 000 feet and was in free fall to 2,500 feet. She opened her chute and everything was fine, maneuvering for the landing zone, it was looking like she was right on target.  And she was lined up perfectly. I was told by others that she nailed the landing, remaining on her feet as she landed. She picked up her chute and started walking to the clubhouse.  That's when it happened. She tripped over the curb.  I told you she was uncoordinated.  And now you see why she was so embarrassed.

I feel so relieved to get this off my chest.  Here at Gassaway's Adventures we have high standards and I can assure you that something like this will never happen again.  Until next time.... I mean next post, I mean, well, you know what I mean.