Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Well, we have good news.  No, British Air didn't send a special flight just for us, but they did refund all of our airfare.  The car rental refunded everything we paid them as did our hotel in London.  Also the Mac's Adventures, with whom we booked our walk, refunded 50% of our fee.  And today, the trip insurance folks, Allianz Global Assistance, approved our claim in full and in 10 days!  The have already deposited the funds directly into our bank account.  So when all is said and done, we only lost the experience of going, we didn't loose any money.

Friday, September 06, 2019


After months of planning, reservations and deposits made, we were headed off to England for 5 weeks.  The plans included a 12 day walk on the Cleveland Way, then a rental car for the rest of the trip with stays in B&B's in various locations.  We're all set, Right?..............Not if British Air has anything to say about it.

Turns out the pilots decided to go on strike.  And for how long is this strike you ask?  It's only three days and those days are not consecutive.  Huh?  Yep, that how they strike in the UK, a day here, a day there.  As luck would have it one of the days they picked was September 9th.  Well we were leaving on the 8th, so we should be good to go.  Nope, not so fast.  You see, we leave on the 8th, but we would still be in the air on the 9th and rather than having the pilots just leave the cockpit mid-flight, our flight was cancelled.  Oh, British Air said that they would re-book us, but since they were on strike the 9th, we couldn't get re-booked until the 10th......maybe.  That would mean that we would arrive on the 11th, the day we were to check in to our first lodging at the start of our walk, in Northern England.  Well, that was impossible and with 12 nights of hotels and B&B's booked for each night of our walk, that just sucked.  So we decided to cancel.  There's always next year, right?

Anyway, British Air is refunding our tickets and because they couldn't get us there in time, they have to give us $700 each for the convenience.  We've got trip insurance, so we should be reimbursed for lost deposits.  The outfit that set up our walk refunded half their charges and trip insurance will pick up the rest.  So, on the bright side, we'll be $1400 ahead once everything gets paid back.

What to do now?  You guessed it, we'll hook up the RV and get out of town.  We leave in a week and figured we might make it to New Orleans, since we cancelled going there last year.  Since Winnipeg, Canada is on the way, if you take the long route, we will stop in there for a visit with my fellow pilgrim Len and his wife Janet.  Minnesota sounds interesting in the Fall, perhaps some kayaking in one of the 10,000 lakes.  Of course our Grandson left for collage last week, so we'll have to swing by the University of Wyoming on the way a pay him a visit.  And who knows where we'll end up.  That  folks, is why its called, Gassaway's Adventures.

Stay tuned.........................

Monday, June 24, 2019


Well everyone, here is the third and final episode of this spring's RV trip.  Enjoy, and give it a thumb's up if you liked it.

Sunday, June 09, 2019


I've already written in an earlier blog post all about our stay in Moab, but here is the second installment in the RV Trip video series.  The reason for the videos to be in a series is to keep them short.  Hopefully then you'll actually watch them.  As for myself when watching YouTube videos, they have to be short to keep me interested.  Unless their really good, about 10 minutes is my max.  Anyway, enjoy!

Friday, June 07, 2019


Well, we've been home a week now, so I guess I should get caught up on the blog and edit all that video footage I took.  I have managed to make the first installment in the video department, so that will pretty much be this post.  I'm trying something new with my videos, narration.  The hardest part is to remember to actually do some narration with each segment, but I'm trying.  Someday I'll break down a get a good video editing program and quit using what comes with windows, which causes me all kinds of problems.  There is a big learning curve with these videos, especially with an old fart like me.  So, here it is, comments and suggestions appreciated.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


If you follow us on Facebook, you know we are in the RV traveling around the West.  If you’re not into social media, this update is for you.

We headed out a couple of weeks ago with our eyes on Eastern Nevada and Utah and so far were on track with those plans with just a couple of hiccups.

After a overnight in Las Vegas we took the road less traveled and visited several state parks in Eastern Nevada.  We found a spot to settle in for a few days at Cathedral Gorge.  A great little campground with electrical hookups for the RV.  The park is great for exploring on foot as there are many narrow slots in the cliffs one can enter and follow to the end.

Cathedral Gorge

After several days, we pulled up stakes and continued north with the intent of exploring Great Basin National Park.  One of the least visited parks, it’s out in the middle of nowhere.  We had been there once before in the fall for just one night and we always wanted return.  Turns out the fall is the best time to visit as most of the park was closed due to the heavy snowfall this year.  We were really disappointed as the camping was limited so we overnighted in a gas station RV park and figured out where to go next.

I found a interesting looking campground on-line near Nephi, Utah, so we were off.  In researching the possibilities of hikes and things to do near our selected campground, the Mt. Nebo Loop road looked like a great place to explore.  With lots of trail heads and Forest Service campgrounds, we figured we could spend 4 or 5 days there.  After reading that the campground often fills up in the early afternoon we made our way there post haste.  Turned out there was no need to rush and there was only one other camper present.  Why is this?  Well, due to the winters heavy snowfall ours was the only campground open and the Loop road was closed.  Where have we heard this before.


Next we spent a couple of nights near Provo where we picked up a few things at Costco.  We also met up with friends Jeff and Lynne, who both volunteer with me on the USS Midway.  We were then off to Moab, one of our favorite spots in the Southwest.  Moab is popular and at times you have to arrive early to score a prime camping spot.  Most of the public campgrounds are operated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and reservations are not accepted.  There are 637 camping spots in the greater Moab are, so you can usually find a spot.  You can opt for a private RV park, but expect to pay $70 and up for a spot.  Since I refuse to pay that, we most always opt for the BLM camps.

One thing we noticed right away upon arriving in town was the it was way more crowded than usual.  We keep our fingers crossed and we lucked out with a site at Goose Island Campground, just a couple of miles from town and right on the river.  When I mentioned to the camp host about the crowds, he told me that on the weekend everyone of the 637 campsites was occupied.  Town was a zoo, and the line to get into Arches National Park stretched to about 300 yards.  That being said, we were still able to get away from the crowds.

Besides many marked hiking trails, like to Corona Arch, there are other choices if you just want to explore.  Many times we just find some canyon off the side of the road and start walking.  It’s one sure fire way to avoid the crowds and over the years we have found some really beautiful places.  We found two such canyons and walked them both.

First the hike to Corona Arch

Up the Moki Steps

Then the ladder

Colorado River

Jug Handle Arch

Unknown Canyon Hike

This One Didn’t Return

From Moab, we will head south to Bluff, but that will be in the next episode.