Friday, May 02, 2014


In a few days we'll off on a road trip heading to Utah.  Our definition of a road trip means that we leave the RV at home, throw some camping gear in the back of the 4-Runner and rough it some.  You noticed I said, some.  In between roughing it, we will take appropriate breaks in motels, B&B's and a week in a condo while in Moab.  We've done this before and leaving the RV behind allows us a bit more freedom exploring some of the more out of the way places.

Friends Gary and Diane will be meeting up with us for the cushy part of the trip in Moab, where we will be exploring some of the jeep trails in red rock country.  Anyway we will be on the road for about 3 weeks and as the mood strikes I'll be posting our adventures here on the blog.

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