Tuesday, May 06, 2014


As is our custom when we hit the road, we were up early and pulling out of the driveway at 4 am.  After a stop for breakfast in Victorville we traded off driving and arrived in Zion right at 2 pm.  We set up camp in the Watchmen Campground, where a reservation is a must at this time of the year.

We have a 4 inch foam pad that fills the whole floor of the tent and is really comfortable.  After the early start and long drive we slept soundly.

Up early the next morning and after breakfast we headed up Zion Canyon via the park shuttle for our first hike of the trip.  We chose to climb the 4 miles up to Observation Point on the Mesa above the canyon.  Over 2,000 feet in elevation gain on this trail which at times hangs precariously on the cliff edge.  We've done this hike before, so why did it seem harder this time.  The spring flowers were in abundance which helped to keep me from looking over the edge.


Going up the issue is endurance, going down it's your knees.  Trekking polls make a big difference.  We made it back to camp in time for happy hour, so all was well until...... this happened.

While walking around the campsite in my open toe sandals, I rammed my toe into the back of the other sandal.  In case you're wondering, I had only one glass of wine at the time.  After a few choice words and attracting the attention of most of the campers in Zion I realized that I had nearly torn my toenail off.  So off we went to the urgent care in nearby Hurricane.  Dr. Dunn said, "It's gotta come off".  So without me looking he stuck many needles deep into and all around my toe.  Cathie who was watching later told me that he started with the needle in around the joint and while jiggling, inserted it WAY in underneath what was left of my nail.  Once the toe was numb, which took being stuck with some more needles, he made quick work of removing the nail.


Nurse Alice rapped it all up and we were done.  Not done with the trip, it will continue.  Dr. Dunn said in about 5 days I should be able to get a shoe on and start hiking again.  In the mean time I'll be wearing my sandals.


Nick Saraceni said...

Ewwwwwww...gross. Nice shot of the toe, you really caught the essence of the battered toe. The light was perfect. Oh yeah, the park was nice too.

Hansjörg said...

You really had only one glass of wine?

Dana Gassaway said...

Yes that is true Hansjorg, but after we got back to camp I finished the whole bottle!