Thursday, October 03, 2013


Bright a early the next morning, while everyone slept, I crept out of the house and ascended up to the Cat Bells, a long ridge above the water.  I had wanted to do this walk since I had seen it on Rick Steves, but most things Rick Steves involves crowds.  So I opted to go before the Steves crowds were up.  It was a beautiful solitary walk before sunrise, with the only company being the sheep.

After 55 minutes of hard climbing I reached the top and took in the views.  I didn't stay too long as breakfast is served at 8:30.

After breakfast it was to be a rest day.  We'd been going for three weeks non stop so a day off was in order.  I went to town to look at hiking gear and Cathie did the laundry.  So much for the day off.  David and Marilyn offered to give us a driving tour of the area and we accepted.  Riding around with David and Marilyn revealed their love for the area.  David provided us with a commentary of the area, at times stopping in the middle of the road to show us some site and to explain it's history or to educate us as to the breed of sheep we were observing.



Most of the Lake District is in a National Park and if you own a home within the park, it is very difficult to make changes to your home.  David told us about a German woman who wanted to do a small addition to her home.  The powers to be denied her request telling her it was not in keeping with the area.  She appealed and was denied two more times.  This got her dander up and since there was no requirement for the color of the house, she painted it purple.

She asked the review board if this was in keeping the the building in the park.  Of course it wasn't, but there was nothing they could do about it.  Years passed and after the woman died, the property eventually sold and the house was destroyed.  The new owner built a beautiful new home on the site, getting the proper approvals.  But in keeping with sticking it to the review board, he painted the front door purple.  In the spring when the flowers in the garden bloom in the spring, they too are purple.

After our tour we went to David and Marilyn's favorite pub, the Pheasant Inn. At least we assumed it was their favorite as when they entered, everyone knew their name.  We had a great pub dinner with great conversation and after dinner it was back to the B&B for a night cap in front of the fire.

We had a great time in the Lake District made all the better by great hosts.  David told me that they always hope that when a guest leaves after a stay with them, that they say to themselves, "I want to go back".  Well, we want to go back.


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