Monday, August 05, 2013

New Blog - Walking My Camino

I mentioned in the previous post that I was considering dedicating a new blog to my walk on the Camino de Santiago.  I've decided to go ahead and have started, Walking My Camino. I will continue writing Gassaway's Adventures, but all things Camino will be in the new blog.  I'll be starting out slow as it's a long time till I actually go, but from time to time I will post information about the Camino and my preparations for it.

You may notice that on both Gassaways Adventures and Walking My Camino there is a place where you can enter your e-mail address.  When you do this, you will automatically be notified each time there is a new post.  You have to do this in both blogs to be notified when there is a post to that specific blog.  You're-mail is not shared and in fact, I don't even see it.

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