Friday, January 11, 2013


Gassaways Adventures is about to reach another milestone.  Very soon we will have had 10,000 people pay us a visit.  Each "hit" is tallied by my Sitemeter which allows me to see who has taken a look at the blog.  It's really not big brother, and doesn't give me your name, but it does provide me with lots of information.  The service tells me what number hit you are, how long you visited, how many pages you viewed, how you found the blog, like through another site such as a google search linked from an e-mail provider or some other site.  I can also tell in most cases what country and city the visitor is in and what kind of operating system they are using.  So sometimes I can figure out who you are.

I'm thinking of offering a prize to the lucky person who is the 10,000th, but I'm having a little trouble coming up with something suitable.  If you are a regular here at Gassaways Adventures, you may recall that when the 5,000th hit was reached I offered an I-pad to the lucky person.  Turns out that I couldn't tell exactly who that person was and several of my viewers claimed to be the one.  Since I got such a good buy on the I-pad, I awarded several.


Now I'm having trouble coming up with a prize for 10,000 hits that is in keeping with the standards here at Gassaways Adventures.  Any suggestions?


Julie Camacho said...

Money...good cold solid cash. It's your 10, needs to be something big...not an eye pad or a matchbox mustang. An Amazon gift card would be good too!

George K said...

If I win, I'd like to sail around the bay on your boat with you and the wives. Drink some adult beverages and eat some cheese and crackers.