Saturday, May 22, 2010


We are now in Germany and our first stop is Bacharach one of the many small towns along the middle section of the upper Rhine River. Beautiful little towns with timbered buildings and narrow streets. It also stopped raining and we're beside our selves with happiness. Actually some warm weather for a change. We are staying in this really nice pension a small family run hotel. Its a couple of blocks from the center of town, close enough to stroll down the street for refreshment, but far enough away that we don't hear any noise. We don't even hear anyone else in the hall, no doors slamming no nothing. We think we're the only ones here until breakfast where the other guests show up. The owners assign tables by room number and manage to seat table mates with you that you can converse with, mainly other Americans.
Our room is the one in the middle with the balcony and overlooks the garden. There is a small stream running by so we leave our window open at night, falling asleep to it's sound.



There is a castle on the hill above the town, but there is a castle on the hill above just about every town along this section of the Rhine River. That's a big reason why people come here. You can stay in Stahech Castle above the town if you're willing to stay in a youth hostel. Could be noisy. I hiked up the hill for a look, and their outdoor cafe with picnic tables has a terrific view of the river below.

One thing people do around here, besides drink beer, the local wine, or eat the vast amounts of food, is to take one of the boats that cruise the river. You head either up or down river, stopping to get off at one of the other little towns along the river. Because of the current, what takes 1 hour to go down river, requires 1-3/4 hours to come back up. Very relaxing with some of the greatest scenery anywhere. The boats are large and comfortable and serve, you guessed it, beer, the local wine and vast amounts of food.


A lot of freight is transported on the river by the ever present barge. They carry everything from shipping containers to gravel. Families live on the barges in many instances. You see children's playground equipment on the roof of the living cabin and of course the family car.
This is our fourth night here and we're heading out tomorrow for Regensburg in Bavaria only because we've got a reservation to tour the BMW factory there.

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