Monday, May 31, 2010


The weather is changing and not for the better. It's been snowing, with accumulations at the higher elevations. Figuring to stay dry, we headed out for a drive to check out the surrounding area. From the valley below our B&B, you can drive up different valleys in all directions. On many of the roads that go nowhere except to some isolated spot, there is a toll, usually under 10 euros. I believe the toll helps pay for road maintenance and for upkeep of the many hiking trails. When they're not skiing, they're hiking. Everybody seems to do it, young and old, rain or shine or snow as the case may be. We drove up this narrow valley for about 15 miles and ogled at all the waterfalls cascading down both sides. At the end of the road, we came upon this little guesthouse with a small restaurant. We ventured in and took a seat in the corner. With cowbells hanging from the rafters, and musical instruments standing in the corner, we figured it wouldn't be long before a Tirolean mountain climber came down from the high country and began yodeling. Such was not the case.
The fair is simple, sausages and potatoes. Lots of cows in the neighborhood, so they have fresh buttermilk, which is kept cold in a water trouth outside. I found out about the buttermilk after ordering my wine, so I'll have to try it another time. I keep ordering the wrong sausage and ending up with something that looks suspiciously like a hot dog. Tastes like one too.

This is our B&B here in the Tirolean Alps, about 50 miles from Innsbruck. We have a small one bedroom apartment. It is located on the very steep side of a valley in a ski resort area. The road up to the house is very pretty. Pretty narrow, pretty steep and pretty scary. If you build a house on a slope this steep in California, it would soon be at the bottom of the hill. It's location affords some really great views from high above the town. The apartment has views on three sides of the house, with two balconies and a patio. Great digs, so we're staying for three nights.


Since we can't fight the weather and we are in a ski resort, why not take some ski lessons. After some urging, Cathie agreed and after meeting our ski instructor, Claus, she thought skiing was the best idea of the trip. We took the cable gondola to the ski area and it was like a winter wonderland. All our equipment and clothing were included in the instruction package, and with Claus in the lead, what could go wrong. I think from the attention Cathie was getting, she wouldn't care if she did break something. Anyway, on the bunny slope we went and after much falling down, we actually stood upright and skied, at least for a short distance. No photos, though, much too busy keeping an eye on Claus.

If you come to Europe to see art, and you're too cheap to pay the entrance fee for the art museum, then go to a church. The art work and decoration in just about every church in this part of the world is unbelievable. Some of it by famous artist, most all of it religious. From paintings, statues, wood carvings, murals and just about every other art form, is found in the churches. Even some of the smallest villages have great works in their churches. In an upcoming post, I'll submit some of the numerous photos I've taken of the subject.

This church is in Hall in Tirol, Austria. The alter is canted off the main part of the church for some unknown reason. The alter is covered in gold and the pipe organ stands out if you turn around and look toward the back of the church.

While taking these photos, a gentlemen asked first in German, then in English if I knew why the alter was positioned so. I didn't and neither did he. He did tell me that this church was for the people with money as evidenced by all the gold and silver. He said the church for the poor people was in Swartz, the next town down the road and not so lavishly decorated.

If you belive the part of this post about the sking, you'll beleive anything.

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