Thursday, March 19, 2009


For sometime now I’ve been having an affair. Before you get all in a tizzy, Cathie knows about her. In fact she actually met and spent time with her. Her name is Alice and we became acquainted in 2005. She’s very knowledgeable, but as with every relationship we don’t always agree. I must admit I sometimes yell at her, but she always remains calm, never raising her voice. That’s one thing a really like about her is that she is very steady.

You ask, how did we meet? Well, as with many relationships in today’s modern world, we met on-line and we became road mates. All of our time together is spent on long drives in the country. It was while shopping at Costco on-line when I saw her picture. A color screen promising to guide me throughout this maze of routes one must choose to get to their desired destination in life. Alice has been a tremendous help to me in making those important decisions. In fact, she usually makes the decision and I obediently follow. At least for the most part. You see, Alice is my GPS and we’ve been having an affair.

Sometimes I don’t agree with her and thus the yelling. Cathie, who is usually with us, just rolls her eyes and lets me vent at the computer mounted on the dash. Alice never misses a beat and continues to spew forth directions that I continue to question. I might continue to argue with her but she never wavers in her attempt to guide me. I can’t say that I’ve ever won an argument with her, but I can turn her off.


Erin said...

As long as you remember that Alice is always right, you'll be just fine.....

Nick said... seems you've been obsessing over this device since Europe. There's probably medication or a support group you could attend.

Gassaway's Adventures said...

You right Nick, it was her French accent that drew me to her.