Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well, we've been home for about a month now, and that's long enough. My shoulder feels better after injuring it kayaking in Idaho, so as long as I don't have to carry a back pack, we may as well get back on the road. We are leaving on Saturday and plan on being gone just for a month this time. We intend on spending most of the trip in Southern Utah and the Four Corners area, starting with a week in Zion. Our last stop will be in Albuquerque, we think. As in past trips if a road looks interesting we will take it and try to avoid a planned itinerary. I've found 25 pages of hike descriptions for Southern Utah, so that ought to keep us busy. As in the past I will keep you updated via the blog when the mood strikes me. And as always it's great to hear from friends and family.

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