Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Vegas?



A Short distance from or RV park is a working ranch that doubles as a summer camp for kids, giving them riding lessons and teaching them about cattle ranching. Two nights a week they put on a rodeo and dinner for the local tourist. So one night we went and enjoyed the rodeo and dinner. The little kids (not shown here) take part in the rodeo riding steers instead of bulls and competing in barrel races and the like. Not a bad show and the dinner, cooked over the fire and in Dutch ovens was pretty good too.

We started exploring Yellowstone, driving to the park each day. We saw the usual elk, deer, buffalo and grizzly bear. We took several hikes but had to cut them short because I was experiencing pain in my shoulder. I knew it was from paddling our kayak, and it was wasn't getting any better. Cathie was tired of my complaining and convinced me to seek medical help. We went to a clinic in Yellowstone and they agreed that it was probably from over my paddling, gave me some pain medicine and sent me on my way. We continued looking around Yellowstone but the pain wasn't going away. When we arrived in the Grand Tetons, I went the the E/R in Jackson and they took some x-rays and discovered that I had a separation in the A-C joint which appeared to be old. The doctor said the kayaking just aggravated it. They gave me stronger pain meds and put my arm in a sling. The shoulder seems to be getting better, but now my whole are hurts.
We decided to start heading home, but since we were passing through Las Vegas, we had to stop for a couple of days. (Hey, I only need one hand to play poker). We should be home by Friday.
All in all a pretty good trip, only too short.


Erin said...

Hope your arms feeling better. We'll see you on Friday!

Nick S. said...

At least you were close to civilization and didn't have to get medivac'd out like Larry.