Friday, May 19, 2017


Food and travel seem to go together.  New places to explore and new kinds of food to try.  Sounds good, right?  Well it is and it isn't.  We tend to eat too much when we travel.  At times our day revolves around where and what we will eat.  It there something special about the food in a particular region that we just can't pass up?  The answer many times is, yes.

While walking Our Camino, we could pretty much eat what ever we wanted and not worry about the calorie intake.  But now that we've stopped walking and in fact done very little exercise, we have to be concerned about "packing on the pounds".

We weighed ourselves in Santiago and we each have gained about 5 pounds.  Let me tell you, it's easy to do.  So what better way to spread around our caloric intake than to write a post and share with you what we've been eating.  If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen some of my food photos, but it's time for the blog readers to share in the gluttony.  On the aside, it's odd how somethings change with the times.  Years ago one took pictures of the scenery or of family, but who ever took photos of a plate of food.  Well we do now and I'm going to post a bunch of them here.

Typical pilgrim's breakfast, orange juice, coffee, bread or toast and perhaps, tortilla, a potato-onion-egg pie of sorts.  Most Spanish breakfasts include the juice and coffee and toast with a tomato purée spread.

Pizza, lots of pizza on the camino.  Usually frozen and then cooked when it's orders.  Not as good as fresh made, but works well for prilgrims.



Tapas, Tapas, and more Tapas.  Small appetizers made from a lot of different stuff.  Fish, beef, pork, vegetables and just about anything you can imagine.  Also not very expensive, usually a euro or two.  Very common in bars in the larger towns and cities.  You can make a meal out of them.

Warm goat cheese salad, one of our favorites


Another warm goat cheese salad
Combination plate, ham blood sausage, a speciality of the Navarre region, pork, and a breaded mixture of potato and meat, fried.
Here's the bill:  Goat cheese salad,  the combination plate, bread, they charge for bread, a glass of rose wine for Cathie and a 1/2 carafe of red wine for me, plus desert.

Garlic soup, oh so good.  There is a whole egg in there, cooked by the soup.

We had this one special meal cooked by this guy

In this wood fired oven
It started with this version of garlic soup 
Duck liver, mmmm good

This was a sharing platter
The aftermath 

This was our most expensive meal, to date and came with bread and for about 80€

I would love to show you more but it's time for dinner.

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