Sunday, April 02, 2017

Bathroom Remodel From Hell

Not all of Gassaway's Adventures are about travel.  This latest adventure prevented travel for the past 4 months.  So, take a look at this 4 minute video of the process.  A special thanks goes out to my sons, Eric and Gary of Benchmark Builders who without them the job would have never got done.  I should also thank, Scott who did the odd stuff, Steve, from Steve Smiley Plumbing, Ken, from K.P. Electric and Gaylyn, from Bonita Construction for the tile work.


Anonymous said...

Lynne said via e-mail:
This made me laugh...seriously laugh. Who amongst us hasn't been tortured by such a project? It always blows the budget, blows the spare time, and blows our tempers into never neverland

Anonymous said...

Joan said via e-mail

You two certainly don't live a dull life !!
I must have missed a few blogs because some of this I hadn't seen. I'm all
caught up and enjoy your every step !!! Great writer -- I'm fascinated . I'm
getting a history lesson out of it too !!
Love this !!
Thank you,
Joan of Billy Bob

Anonymous said...

Sheri said via e-mail

That is one beautiful bath room. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Julie said via Facebook

LOVED the music!

Anonymous said...

Kathy said via Facebook

Your sons did a great job on my bathroom a couple years ago!!

Anonymous said...

Len said via Facebook

Looks fantastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

Janet said via Facebook

Finished product is amazing!

Nick Saraceni said...

Amazing project and weight loss. Still kick'in it. Part of your "training" for the Camino?

Anonymous said...

Annette said via e-mail

Really great (and silly!) blog that one there!!! You are funny! But hey, nice bathroom and when you are next on the crapper just think about how much joy all that money spent has brought you (and let's face, do you really need to visit Rome, Pisa, Athens, Cadiz, Monaco, Berlin.......!!!!)
Good luck with the last few training sessions before you embark on this Camino trek and may the sun shine every day for you, you slim boy, you!