Wednesday, October 07, 2015


We really enjoyed Theodore Roosevelt Park but it was time to move on, so we continued east stopping first in Bismarck.  The city park we stayed in was nice, but the city was pretty drab.  After two nights we decided that perhaps Fargo would be more exciting, so we cut our stay short and moved on down the road.  Upon arriving in Fargo, a friend sent me a message in which he asked "Did ya ever stop to look around Fargo and ask yourself....why the hell did they stop here?"  My response was, "They had already been to Bismarck."

Actually Fargo was a nice city, with a city park along the Red River for camping and bike riding.  Also in the visitor center you can find the wood chipper used in the movie Fargo.

While on my bike ride, I crossed the river into Moorhead, Minnesota and came across this church.  It is a full scale replica of a Norwegian Stave Church.  These churches were built just after the close of the Viking Age in Scandinavia around the 1100 and 1200's.  The technique of using vertical posts or staves had been modified over time to become wooden architectural works of art.

We also paid a visit to the Fargo Air Museum where, besides the air planes, Cathie picked out a pair of boxers from the gift shop.

One of you asked, "Why North Dakota?"  Well, it's close to Winnipeg, Canada and Winnipeg is home to Len, who I met and walked with on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  Actually I wanted to go to North Dakota, but decided early on to stop for a visit with Len.  Len and his wife Janet couldn't have been better hosts.  We camped in their driveway, also known as mooch-docking, they fed us, and showed us the sights.  Of course any visit with a fellow pilgrim has to involve a hike or two.  We had a great weekend with Len and Janet and they have promised to pay us a visit in San Diego.

Turns out the Manitoba and the area around Winnipeg has something in common with North Dakota.  It's flat, really, really, flat.

So, after leaving Canada I received a message from Howard, who along with his wife Joy walked the Camino de Santiago with me.  Turns out they were heading east across South Dakota as we were heading south.  Our paths crossed just outside of Sioux Falls at Palisades State Park and we spent a great afternoon and evening together.  This is how it is with pilgrims.  They become part of your Camino Family and given the chance will get together to talk about the Camino.  In fact Howard and Joy were heading into Minnesota to visit with more pilgrims.

We are now in Omaha at Walnut Creek Recreation Area, a campground we've been in before.  There's a Costco and a Trader Joe's, so we shall resupply before heading south into Kansas.  We are on the downside of the trip and should be home by the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes up for Kansas. You can get some good steaks there, but the scenery is not interesting. We used US34 & 36 to get to Denver. Boring. FYI, the eastern side of OK has water, and the trees should be turning about now, if you care to head home the long way. D&D

Dana Gassaway said...

Annette says via e-mail:

Brillant always!!
Really enjoying reading it, especially as you are travelling to places that Callum has vaguely mentioned but at least with your blog we get to see photos too!
It's great that you met up with Camino buddies and probably nice for Cathie to put a face to the names that you talk about.
Enjoy the rest of the trip and will wait with baited breath for the next installment!

Nick Saraceni said...

I thought the boxers was a nice touch

Anonymous said...

Via e-mail

Catching up with your travels, Dana. Sounds like you're having more adventures. Good for you. Love reading about all of these unique places. So many beautiful things to see and experience right here in America. Thank you for sharing.


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL traveling WITH you both !! Thank you !!
The sun set is awesome !!!!
Bill and Joan