Saturday, July 12, 2014


I can imagine that all of you been wondering how's it going with the new iPad. Well it is better than before but it's still a big learning curve going from a Windows system to an Apple system. Apple provides you with some training such as workshops that are offered at their store. So I figured I just sign up for some of their workshops, because sitting at home and trying to figure this out myself was just getting me more and more frustrated. And I figured that if I'm going to be swearing at something I might as well be swearing at someone.
One of the first things overcome with this iPad is that Apple uses a different language than PC. They've come up with new words for the same things that are on a PC, but it's like learning a foreign language, which I have difficulty doing. I signed up for several of their workshops and when I arrived for the first one, the thing that stood out was that all the others who signed up for this particular workshop were my age. I guess that means if you're young you can figure this all out on your own. One of the neat things I learned at this first workshop, which basically dealt with the keyboard, was that there's a microphone function where I can dictate what I want to type to the iPad.
That's how I'm writing this entry to the blog. I'm not actually typing it but I'm speaking it. Of course you do have to go back and correct some things because the iPad might misunderstand your pronunciation of some words. So I wondered if the iPad could differentiate between there as in over there and there as in their car. As you can see it didn't do too bad but got the third their wrong but now they're right.
At the Apple store they've also got a bar. It's called the Genius Bar. I found out that you didn't really need to be a genius to go there which was a good thing because I needed a drink after my workshop. It turns out it's a place where you can go to talk to a genius, not get a drink. I noticed that all the geniuses that were standing behind the bar were just kids. I wonder if when they get to be my age if they will still be geniuses. My guess is, no, they'll be stupid like the rest of us. Anyway, I couldn't figure out how to get my address book from Cox Cable and give it to Apple. I think that's called exporting and importing. So I made an appointment with a genius to find out how to do it.

I went and met my assigned genius and to see if hew was really a genius I figured I would ask him a test question. I asked him how to operated an 8-track tape player? He didn't know what I was talking about. I deiced to give him another chance and explained my issue with the address book. So he did a bunch of stuff with my Cox account and my iPad, but he couldn't get the addresses to transfer. He said he would be right back and disappeared through a door behind the bar to a secret area where the geniuses hang out. He was gone a long time, so I guessed he was stumped and was probably having a drink. After about 10 minutes he returned and my address book was now in my iPad. I think he must have conferred with the Genius Boss or made a phone call to tech support at Cox.

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