Wednesday, December 05, 2012



20.5 miles

Yesterday I paid a visit to the podiatrist about the pain in my left foot. My regular doctor said I have in issue with the nerve called Norton’s Nuromia, but to be sure he referred me to the podiatrist.

 They Xrayed my feet from all angles and after examining me and the ex-rays the podiatrist had a different diagnosis. He said it wasn’t Norton’s Neuroma, but Metatarsalgia. How’s that for a mouthful. In plain language it’s called, now get this, "Pain in the Ball of the Foot". Actually it’s a little bit more complicated as one of the long bones in my foot is a little too long causing pain in the joint. When I injured it several months ago, I caused a bruise in the joint and there’s the pain.  He said it is possible that I will be bothered with it from time to time for the rest of my life.


Nice thing is that the podiatrist is also a hiker and he encouraged me to finish my trek. He provided me with some new insoles and said “go for it, we want you to walk”.

When I left off I was about 1 mile from the end of the old highway. The only way down the mountains to the desert is a very difficult cross country hike through desert canyons, or on the freeway.  The arrest you for walking on the freeway, but because there is no other alternative by way of secondary roads, one is allowed to ride a bike on the freeway down the grade. So, that’s what I did. Cathie dropped me off for the last mile of the walk, and waited for me at the freeway on ramp. I then rode the bike down the mountain for the quickest 13 miles of my walk. All down hill, so no work at all.

Upon reaching Ocotillo , I turned the bike over to Cathie and continued walking. Total walking mileage today was just 7.5 miles. I am now more than halfway to Yuma and I am hoping to get some good mileage under my feet over the next couple of days. We have moved the RV down to El Centro where we will stay for  2 to 3 nights, then we will more on to Yuma for the finish. I’m hoping to finish by Sunday, but you never know, it could take longer.  Especially if I keep making wrong turns like this one.



19.6 Miles

Got on the road a little after 7 under clear skies. Within 30 minutes I took off the long sleeve shirt, zip off pant legs, and lathered up with sun block. Temps in the mid 80’s are forecast for today. Not much in the way of scenery on this section of the walk. I’ve been trying to stay off the pavement and walk in the dirt, but in some places it’s soft sand or silty dust.

First up is Plaster City, not really a city but a factory that manufactures dry wall. When I would look back at the factory it seemed like it was always there, even after several hours of walking. It was like I wasn’t making any headway.

I could see the mountains that are in Arizona and from this distance; they are not getting any closer.

With the landscape pretty much the same, there are few landmarks which to strive for. When you can see something in the distance, it becomes a short term goal, but here there are few of those kinds of landmarks. So, I just keep plodding along, changing the side of the road I walk on from time to time just to mix it up.

 One thing that keeps me occupied as I walk along is, I've brought a couple of I-pods with me, so I've got lots of music.  Nice thing out here is that I can sing as loud as I want and nobody tells me to shut up.  As with most people, I think of myself as a pretty good singer, but like the rest of you, we all pretty much suck in the music department.  I also think a lot about my foot.  Just a couple of small blisters today on my toes on just the right foot.  All though it's the left foot with the injury, all my blisters have been on my right foot, go figure.


I was really beat by the time I reached El Centro.  I don't know if it was the warm tempatures or just the fact that I have now walked 117.6 miles (subtrack the bike ride).  Anyway I was hartened by this sign at the end of my walk today.



Nick Saraceni said...

Ok, gross on the photo of the foot. I didn't know about the bicycle thing. Very cool.

Hansjörg said...

Dana, you have a wonderful woman! you know that? On the Camino frances there is not this special service. And your must walk 30 - 35days, also carry about 10 KG backpack, with wind and rain.
Now you have made a very good first experience ....
So watch out for your feet

Diane and Gary said...

Jalama Beach looks nice but no TV or internet....not good!!