Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Sometimes I think we've been spending too much time at home.  I feel like we haven't be going anywhere or doing anything, which for me means, I want to get on the road.  Well, we're not hitting the road anytime soon, at least nothing is planned.  When I think about it, we really haven't been sitting around doing nothing.  It just feels like it with the hot weather we've been having the past month or two.

So far this year we've actually been pretty busy and on the go.  Let's see, we started out by taking off to Belize for 10 days.  We had a great time with friends Gary and Diane, snorkeling, cave tubing, and of course eating way too much.


Shortly after returning home, I participated in the National Offshore One Design (NOOD) sailing race.  Due to the high winds and rough seas, the offshore part became in the bay, but still an exciting time.

In May our friends Hansjorg and Silke paid us a visit from Germany.  We met up with them in Utah and spent a week checking out the southern part of the state.

Then in June we took off for the Eastern Sierras for 10 days of hiking.  We got a lot of exercise and were beat on the last hike we took.  Great scenery though.

Next up was a week at Santee Lakes with family.  All ten of the grandchildren were there causing Grampa to head home several nights to recover.

In the past month we've spent about 10 days sailing on our boat, Nice Aft.  We've invited friends to sail with us, regulars Duane and Sherri and new commers, Joe and Terry.  The weather has been great for spending time on the water. (read hot and humid).  This past Labor Day weekend was the Festival of Sail in San Diego bay, so we took the opportunity to get up close to some of the tall ships.  At the end of each days sail we participated in Happyhour on board.

So why is it that I think we haven't been doing anything?  My way of getting over this feeling, besides actually going somewhere, is to start planning for the next big trip.  That would be Europe in 2013.

We're narrowing down the starting point to sometime around the middle of September and have a rough idea of where we want to go.  First up will be 5 or 6 days in London, before heading out for about 4 weeks to explore England, Wales and Scotland.  I've been surfing the Internet looking for B and B's to get some idea of costs and where we might want to stay.  Then we will return to London and take the EuroStar to Paris where we will meet up with Hansjorg and Silke.  We've reserved this apartment for our week in Paris.  You can read all about the apartment HERE.

After Paris, we will travel with Hansjorg and Silke to their home in the Black Forest for a week of German hospitality before returning home via Zurich Switzerland. (Unless of course I can talk Cathie into spending another week in the South of France).

So I guess we have actually been pretty busy, but I still feel the need to get out there and go somewhere.  Guess I better get busy!

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Hansjörg said...

Dana and Cathie
We're not quite agree with our plan about the Europe trip 2013.
OK. We meet us in Paris.
We make the suggestion: after visiting Paris together we have two weeks in the Black Forest and in the environment.
We are the travelmaster. Let us surprise you ...

And we bring you then to Zurich airport. Excuses are not accepted!