Thursday, April 05, 2012


About 3 days a week I ride my bike from our house to the Coronado Ferry Landing and back.  Some of the ride is on a designated bike path and some in bike lanes on surface streets.  Most of what I ride on is part of The Bayshore Bikeway, a route around the San Diego Bay.  My route passes through,  an unincorporated area of San Diego County and the Cities of National City, Chula Vista, San Diego, Imperial Beach and Coronado.  Below is a nice new portion of the path in Chula Vista.

It's nice and clean now, but just wait and it will soon be trashed.  The graffiti has already started and this new section has only been open a couple of weeks.  But lets talk trash.

Now as you ride along various sections of the Bikeway, you see the usual trash which people discard out of car windows.  You know, paper cups, cigarette butts, cans and bottles, diapers, and pieces of paper.  But in the City of Chula Vista it gets worse.  Did you know that "chula vista" is Spanish for cool view?  Well, it's not too cool.  Here's some of the views one gets as you ride along.

This nice couch has been here since around the first of the year, the mirror arrived later.  There was a bigger couch here, but somebody must have liked it because it has disappeared.

Here's a lovey couch/recliner that arrived in the past few days.

Now these two tree stumps will never grow again.  They were transplanted to this location BEFORE CHRISTMAS, they still haven't sprouted any new growth.

Mattresses are pretty common along the roadway.  This one's pretty recent.

Now these articles have been here for about 5 MONTHS that I can remember.  That's like LAST YEAR!  Part of a recliner, a mattress, and other junk.

We have here a matching box spring and mattress.  These two items have also been here since BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Now last week they were together down in the ditch, but as you might have noticed one has been moved due to the city mowing the grass!

And finally we have this pile that has been here for over a year! 

Now you can't tell me that since this trash has been deposited along the street, some city employee hasn't seen it.  So I ask why haven't they picked it up yet?  Most of this stuff is in an area that was annexed by the city in the late 70's or early 80's, the city telling voters they could provide better services than the county.  So is this their example of better services?

This is just a small portion of the crap that is strewn along these streets.  Now you might ask why am I singling out the City of Chula Vista.  Well it's because that's where most of the trash is.  Yes, I understand that some idiot dumped this stuff and the City didn't.  But I can guarantee you that if this junk was dropped off in East Lake, a nicer area of town, you can bet the city crews would be picking it up pronto.

Now I'm going to be sending a link to this story to various Chula Vista city officials.  I'll let you know what happens.


Diane and Gary said...

That is disgusting...I'm glad you are sending pictures to city officials.

Gassaway's Adventures said...

One would think that National City and Imperial Beach would be bad. Not so. Their actually pretty clean in comparison.

Julie Camacho said...

WOW!! And with all the extra fees Chula Vista charges it's residents and others using various services they provide.
Andan has wrote a letter to the major of lemon grove. One of his concerns being trash. Maybe I should actually mail it in.

Nick Saraceni said...

Go get 'em. That trash needs picking up.