Sunday, September 11, 2011


Our first day in Rocky Mountain Park and it’s raining with the temperature in the 40’s. The cloud layer in on the deck so visibility is a couple of hundred yards, so we headed to Estes Park. Estes Park is a tourist town just outside the national park. Cathie didn’t want to visit all the shops downtown, yes you heard right, so we went up to the Stanley Hotel, a landmark in these parts.


Forced by poor health to move west, F.O. Stanley and his famous Steamer automobile arrive in 1903. Finding the town of Estes Park lacking amenities, Mr. Stanley set out to change the local economy. Estes Park had a population of 300 full time residents in 1907 and Stanly hired one half of them and began construction of the Stanley Hotel. Completed in 1909, the hotel is the most prominent fixture in the town.


Today the hotel is known as one of America’s most haunted hotels and as Stephen Kings inspiration for The Shining. So in an effort to find out if there really are ghosts in the hotel, we took a tour of the hotel and some of its haunted rooms. Peter, our intrepid tour guide, took us, along with about 15 others through many of the public rooms along with some of the haunted rooms in the hotel. Besides providing us the history of Mr. Stanley and his hotel, Peter filled us in on many of the reports by guests about strange things happening during their stay.

The fourth floor was where the children would stay along with their nannies. It is said that sometimes they can be heard running in the halls. There have been reports of candy left by a guest in their room is eaten while the guest is out, leaving only the candy rapper. People have also reported strange images appearing in photographs they have taken. Now we didn’t experience any ghosts or strange occurrences while on the tour.

But after the tour, I took these photos of the main staircase. First with Cathie standing at the foot of the stairs and the second without Cathie. Notice the child’s ball bouncing down the stairs? How did that happen? I never saw the ball while taking the photo only when I downloaded the photo.



john neibert said...

Dana, I'm going with, before you took the picture, you or someone placed the ball on the step. :-)

Gassaway's Adventures said...

Not so John, if you look you can see it's between steps

Julie Camacho said...

I guess someone forgot to tell those ghostly children to not play ball indoors.