Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A milestone of sorts occurred the other day on Gassaways Adventures, 5000 hits. It happened on January 6th. By checking my site meter I can tell from what county the viewer is from, how long they stayed, and from what site they were referred from. Many come from a Google search looking from something or someplace mentioned in the blog. Others are going directly to the blog because I send them an e-mail about something new being posted. Some Internet service will only register the hit and provide me with no information about where the person is from. This is likely due to the security enhancements on their service. Cox Cable is one of those.

To give you an example, in the past several weeks, I’ve had hits from Sydney, Australia, Liberty, Illinois, Szonibathely, Hungary, and So Paulo, Brazil. I was going to give a prize to the 5000th hit, but I can’t tell who it was. It was probably me looking for the 5000th hit.


Nick Saraceni said...

Pretty soon, you'll get so popular CNN will make you a commentator.

Dibb Family said...

"It was me! It was me!"

I hope my prize is a windmill!

Gassaway's Adventures said...

It could have been you Randy, but more that likely it was me checking to see when I hit 5000. You can still come and look at the windmill when I finally get it up. (The windmill that is)