Thursday, October 01, 2009


After Elko, we headed east towards Utah. First an overnight stop in Fillmore, before arriving at Kodachrome Basin State Park. Located a short distance from Bryce Canyon, it’s a great location for exploring Bryce and the surrounding area. We were here last year in a tent, with nighttime temperatures in the mid 20’s. This time it’s been in the 90’s during the day and mid 40’s at night, although the weather report calls for it being cooler with possible snow showers later in the week.

We checked out Bull Valley Gorge, a very deep slot canyon. The road crosses over the gorge on a narrow natural bridge with the gorge dropping off on each side. I you look closely in the photograph you can see what’s left of an early 50’s pickup truck. Three men were killed when in 1954 their truck somehow fell off the road and into the gorge. The truck became forever suspended above the gorge bottom when it became stuck in the narrow crevice. Look for the chrome front bumper with the tire directly below it.


We also walked down and back up the picturesque Willis Creek where it is only a few feet wide. There are so many canyons like these in this part of Utah, it’s doubtful that you could see them all. Of course some require mountaineering skills as the only way into them is by repelling.


We spent part of a day hiking down into Bryce Canyon. The hikes are on maintained trails and are full of tourist. It’s sort of funny to see some of the Chinese and Japanese tourist who arrive by the bus load. The women dressed in their sequined blouses and sandals trek down into the canyon right beside the German tourist who arrived in rented motor homes and are wearing their hiking boots and backpacks. The sights are fantastic though as evidence by the 65 photographs I took.




Julie Camacho said...

It is so pretty. God's work is truely amazing!

john neibert said...

Nice photos Dana. Now, knowing you like I do, YOU wanted to jump . . . Didn't you? I know you did. Be safe my friend.