Saturday, September 05, 2009


Here we go again. This time it’s the Eastern Sierras, Nevada (Reno area), then east to Utah for more exploration of the southern half of the state. We really like the red rock county, so we’ll be returning to some of the same areas we’ve been before, visiting Bryce, Capitol Reef, Moab, and parts in between, We might head into Southern Colorado before heading south though New Mexico and lastly into Southern Arizona. Of course as is our custom, things could change at the drop of a hat, or upon hearing about some new and interesting spot.

With last years road trip interrupted for a family emergency, we’ll check out some of the spots we missed. No tent this time, it’s the comfort of the 5th wheel. For a new twist, friends Gary and Diane will be traveling with us for as long as they care to, which could be one week or until the very end sometime in November.

I’ll post to the blog when we have the Internet and I feel inspired to write.

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john neibert said...

Well alright you guys. Have a good time, be safe (I'm sure you will), and by all means, have fun. Cindy and I will look forward to your posts. That way I can travel vicariously; the real thing hurts too damn much. ;-)