Friday, June 26, 2009


Michael died yesterday, if you haven’t heard. That’s just about all that’s been on the news shows since last night. I usually turn on the news to hear some news of the world and although Michael’s death does deserve some recognition, 24 hour coverage is a bit much. Did you know that Farrah Fawcett also died yesterday? Her role in “The Burning Bed’ did more for mankind and the victims of domestic violence than anything Michael ever did. Too bad she doesn’t get the coverage that he gets.

So here’s a guy that was a child molester, yes I said it, and everybody thinks he was the greatest guy around. I heard one newscaster this morning interviewing another newscaster, that’s what they do you know interview each other, who was talking about Michael’s children and how great a father he was and how he did everything for his kids. She commented that they were lucky because Michael was so “childlike”. Get a grip! Yes he’s childlike because it helps him to molest kids. Oh, and he was such a nice guy to build that fairyland on his ranch. Why do you think he built it? The only thing he raised on that ranch were victims. I turned to FOX news thinking perhaps I would hear some news, but no, they were on live from the Coroner’s Office, give me a break. The body still warm, what in the hell is the Coroner going to be able to tell at this stage in the investigation. Then there was Al Sharpton telling us what a loss Michael’s death was to the world. Well, if Mr. Sharpton says it, it must be so.

Now, I know he was found not guilty of molesting anyone, but not guilty is not the same as innocent. I wonder if more victims will come forward now that he’s dead. Speaking of dead, I’ve been wondering what killed him. I’ll take a stab here, but I bet it was drugs of some kind. And you know what, all those talking heads on TV will find some way to blame someone besides Michael. It’s too bad that the media can't pay this much attention to our servicemen and women who die everyday protecting us.

I for one am glad he’s dead. No new victims. How many children will now be spared, we will never really know, but I feel confident in my belief that the world is a better place without him.


Julie Camacho said...

Dad, did you catch the two hour special last night of Farrah Fawcet. It was good. Michaels special came on afterwards (think he only got an hour). I went to bed. I agree, all this coverage is too too much!

David H said...

I guess that those of us who have worked many of these child abuse cases are the only ones that can see what no one else can or is willing to see. I believe you nailed it. Thanks.

Nick said...

Unfortunately it's become part of our society that makes celebrities hold such an important place in our world. Even in death they still seek our attention. What do you expect from people who get Jesse Jackson (Mr. Morality) to speak for one of the most disfunctional families in America direct from their "Compound" in LA. I'm sure Michael's parents are proud of all his accomplishments too.

I'm glad he's gone too. I'm hoping the President and Congress remember to send condolences to my family if they ever need it. What a joke.

Erin said...

Here Here!!!! Well said!