Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Ok, so I was wrong. Today while out and about looking for covered bridges and fall colors, we found both. It was completely by accident. If you have ever used a GPS for getting from point A to point B, you know you can program it several ways to get to where you are going. The fastest route or the shortest route. The shortest route is what I used today, which many times takes you through back roads. Today we followed the GPS’s directions, I call her Alice, and we were instructed to travel on highways, secondary roads, dirt roads and cow trails. At one point the road became a 4 wheel drive route causing us to turn around. What the shortest route and Alice did do was find us some good color, with reds and yellows. I also discovered that all the photos you see of the fall colors here in New England, must be doctored. The photos are all so vivid, unlike what we are seeing with the naked eye. What we see is beautiful, but it’s not what the tourist bureaus advertise.

I was not wrong about the Vermont drivers.

ATTENTION CHILDREN AND SIBLINGS (Others if you’re interested)

I’ve changed the rules in the Count the White Horses Game. I learned this game as a child while traveling on vacation. Its purpose was to keep us occupied and perhaps being less trouble for our harried parents. For those of you who don’t know about this game, it goes like this.

You count the white horses you see on your side of the car. If you pass a cemetery and it’s on you side, you loose your white horses. At the end of the game the one with the most white horses win. Exciting, uh?

The new rule only applies in the northeaster part of the country. That’s because here there are lots of dead people, thus cemeteries. There are hardly any horses, let alone white ones. So here we count cemeteries and loose them when we see a white horse.

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