Monday, October 16, 2006

Walk in the Park

Well, around 4:40 it looked like the rain would hold off, so we decided to hike the 1-1/2 miles up the slick rock to Delicate Arch to get a sunset photo. On the 45 minute hike up the hill, the clouds were approaching, but we figured we had plenty of time before it started raining. Rrrrright. We got the the arch and snapped a few photos before we lost the light. Why? Because the sun was covered by a cloud. A really big and ugly cloud. The photo of the arch is deceiving because the big cloud is in the other direction. When the thunder and lightning started we figured it was probably best to get off the hill. We started down with the lightning striking close and out in the open on the slickrock it got pretty hairy. About halfway down the rain started. Not just a little sprinkle, but the kind of rain that causes flash floods. It poured, the wind blew, and the lightning struck. Within about 30 seconds we were soaked clear through. The last 3/4 of a mile we walked as fast as we could, in hopes of getting to the truck before the wash we had to cross flooded.
We made it to the truck, dripping wet and cold. We crossed the wash just as the water was starting to run across the road. We drove to some high ground, and luckily we had some towels in the truck. We stripped off our clothes and wrapped the towels around us and drove back to town. Got some great pictures though.
Now you know why its called Gassaway's Adventures.




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